“It’s Not You, It’s Me”


How strong of an emotional connection do consumers in your market have to your business? Do they have an emotional relationship with your business, or is your business just a place where they conduct transactions?

Consumers in transactional mode look for a deal. They are willing to spend more time (rather than money) to find that deal. And they will make that transaction somewhere else in a heartbeat, just in order to save a dime.

Consumers in relationship mode are looking for an expert to trust. They are willing to spend more money (rather than time) to find that trusted adviser. And they are looking to formulate long-term bonds that withstand the latest dime-saving deal that comes along.

This Could Be the Start of a Beautiful Relationship

If you are looking to form long-term bonds with your customers, consider how those relationships start in our personal lives—they are seeded with an emotional connection. When you can form that bond with your consumers, they will forever put your business on the top of their shopping list…and will seldom move it down.

On the other side of the coin, not many businesses need help figuring out how to put things on sale and shout deals from the mountaintop. But how does a company use marketing to formulate meaningful, emotional connections with their audiences?

For many small business owners, the concept of “branding” comes down to having a logo, outdoor signage, business cards and an attractive website. Marketing tools such as these are used to make a visual connection between a business and consumers, but not much else.

Bonding is very different. Bonding is the emotional connection you make with what’s known as “intrusive” media, which transcend the visual and begin to penetrate the psychological aspects of heart and soul. Radio, for example, provides such a communication platform that allows you to tell stories, touch hearts and pull on emotional heartstrings. Leveraging the proven science behind the power of sound, radio allows you to make a listener laugh, think, react, and be inspired. Most two-dimensional, static, visual-only media, like digital and print advertising, can falter in that regard.

Reaping Rewards Beyond Radio

The stronger the connection between you and a constituent, the higher they will value the relationship—and the more they will pay to maintain it. The stronger the bond, the less likely you are to hear the dreaded break-up from your customer: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Here’s the great news: the stronger this emotional bond becomes, the more leads your other marketing tactics—like digital and print ads—will produce, and at much a lower cost per lead.

So start forming that emotional bond with your customers, and you just might have a partner for life. For ideas on how you can achieve this, please contact me today and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Duane Alverson

Duane Alverson

President at Macdonald Broadcasting
Duane Alverson currently serves as President of MacDonald Broadcasting Company. Duane has been with MacDonald Broadcasting Company for 32 years serving in various sales leadership positions. He served as Chairman of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters in 2012 and as President of the Michigan Jaycees in 1981-82. Duane resides in Saginaw, Michigan.
Duane Alverson

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